Minimum Viable Product { MVP }

MVP in simple termsBnkTGbTIcAAj5Qt

Agile thinking is the horsepower of product development (PD) and Lean can be understood as a mindset applied at every stage of both UX and PD, by incorporating research per iteratiolean-imagen. Each iteration should lead to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Hence, MVP is all about experimenting and learning. Of course,  there are no “rules” and templates when building your MVP.

Each item in the product roadmap diagram is a marketable item by its own right, hence each item will incorporate  some number of iterations to reach a Minimum Marketable Product (MMP).  This MMP lead to another and to another.

Perseverance and constant learning are crucial in here. In the already famous story, Rovio made 52 games and was almost bankrupt before this was sketched. So, keep on learning.


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