The Age of { Abundance }

AbundanceOur planet is witnessing a turning point as social entrepreneurs across the globe are working around the clock in an attempt to solve humanity’s grand challenges. I strongly believe that we will eventually stumble into ‘Abundance’ unintentionally where resources are super-efficiently utilised and charitable enactment becomes habitually ingrained into our daily lives.

Humanity’s consciousness will leap forward to new level of connectedness via a vast interoperable systems and seamless integration of smart wearable technologies. This can lead to instance demand fulfillment, in a way, the world will be a responsive and an agile place where a “legitimate need” is fulfilled instantly. Check out the butterfly effect, the term first coined by Edward Norton Lorenz.

abundance wordleNew technologies that could contribute in this space:

  1. 3d Printing
  2. Mobility & the Cloud
  3. In-memory Computing
  4. Three-factor Authentication
  5. Global Wireless Coverage
  6. Smart Wearable Artifacts




An awesome team is attempting to take micro payment and recycling to the next level. {watch this space}


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